About Teresa Barrow

I was told the same thing by all of my hairstylists as a young girl: My hair was thin, but at least I had a lot of it!

Fast forward to the present, and here I am – writing a hair regrowth blog. I’m in my thirties now. I’m a happily married mother of two gorgeous boys. I have a fantastic career and live in an excellent house.

What is the down side?

Of course, the hair… I have female alopecia, which is to say that I am losing my hair as a woman.

It’s a major setback.

When I first started having problems with my hair, it was the worst. I’ve been in this situation myself and understand how terrible it can be.

I’ve been fortunate enough to conceal my hair loss with a variety of methods (including the proper volumizing goods for thin hair and scalp concealers), despite how bad I think it is.

Finally, I’ve been able to cure my hair loss problem by reverting my locks back to their natural and youthful appearance.

That’s exactly why I am on a mission at hairregrowthblog.com to help men and women regrow the thick, healthy hair that they love and deserve.

We love talking about hair loss solutions because they change the way people experience life. That is why we publish new articles on this subject on a regular basis. Check back frequently for the most recent information on hair loss and hair restoration, because you won’t find it anywhere else.

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